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Contest Winners and Prizes announced at the Board Of Education meeting on Monday 2/23

On Monday 2/23 the NCPP announced the winners for this years essay contest at the Board Of Education meeting.

1st place

Abigail Gardener – Northern Red Oak Tree – in her own voice

2nd place

Jocelyn Lopez – “Just Your Typical Oak Tree” – in her own voice

3rd place

Sadman Sameer – “All Trees are Beneficial”

Silas’ garden & the Himalayan Birch Tree

The contest is held with the High School Environmental Science classes coordinated with Mr. Kent Bania – Science Coordinator, K-12 and Environmental Science Department teachers Ms. Kaitlyn Nix and Mrs. Kerry Ferrara-Paul. The Environmental Science class studies the Habitat, Niche and Ecosystem of our trees using a student-developed rubric within the common Core. The class was also invited the visit the Nutley garden of Silas Monstier and was given a tour by Graeme Hardie. This is the NCPP’s forth year sponsoring the contest and we thank all of those who assisted and participated.

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